Launch WikiWebServer on your computer

WikiWebServer can be downloaded and launched locally providing the ability to host web pages, share files and modify any part of the web server.

To launch WikiWebServer only the core is needed (about 50kb). Additional classes and resources will be dynamically downloaded from as they are required.

Command line options

Usage: java -jar WikiWebServerCore.jar listen-port|config-file

 Tip: Specify a config file that does not exist and it will be populated with
 default values automatically.

 Additional JVM options recommended:

 WikiWebServer's classloader will automatically look in the library path two
 levels deep and on backup servers for required resources. Some libraries that
 do not use this classloader will need to be specified on the Java classpath.

 -cp "lib/freetts-1.2.1/cmu_us_kal.jar:.

 The SecurityManager will only permit reading resources within the classpath
 it is therefore important to include additional paths that need to be
 accessible at runtime.